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The Mini Monitor

Dimensions: 46 x 22,5 x 25 (cm)
Weight: 11,5 kg/each
Frequency range: 45 - 30k Hz ± 3 dB
Impedance: 8 Ohm nominal (6 - 20)
Tuning frequency: 48 Hz
Cross-over frequency: 2300 Hz
Bass/mid-range: 1 ea. 5" custom spec SEAS driver
Tweeter: 1 ea. 1" custom spec SEAS driver
Finish: Custom order


The Montana Mini Monitor

Kevin's Comments,

The Montana Mini Monitor is an exceptional bookshelf speaker. I have compared it to the best Paradigm, B&W and Kef monitors. They outperform them in every category. They sound like life and not a speaker box. They can be ordered any many beautiful finishes and are built to last a lifetime. If you need a small space champion, with great imaging that disappears... this is the one!
The best Value, World Class speakers available.

The MONTANA Mini Monitor offers the classic Montana musicality and realism at a new very attainable price. Any small speaker certain limitations in terms of dynamic impact and efficiency compared to their larger siblings. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover the high level of sophistication, dynamic impact and musical realism the Mini Monitor is capable of delivering. The most obvious is the low end extension which can be easily remedied with the addition of the SSW sub woofer system.


The matching between the sophisticated cross-over section and the specially developed SEAS drivers contribute to the MONTANA Mini Monitor's fine attributes, including the ability to reproduce a precise and realistic sound stage with excellent imaging and resolution. The singers and musicians will literally appear in front of you in your listening room.

The rock solid, heavy cabinet structure allows no audible resonance, which would otherwise cause disturbing coloration of the sound. The cabinet parts, including the internal tweeter enclosure and bracing, are precision-cut using the latest CNC router technology, ensuring maximum cabinet rigidity and nothing but the very clearest sound from the high-precision SEAS drivers. A wide variety of real wood veneers or piano lacquer options are available.

The MONTANA Mini Monitor will not merely serve as a high-performance two-channel audio component, but will be an excellent candidate for high-performance Home Theater Systems as well.

Musical satisfaction does not necessarily have to be expensive.

MONTANA Mini Monitor Review in Fidelity audio magazine # 26/2007 (Norway):

In Fidelity # 26/2007 you will find a review of the MONTANA Mini Monitor. The review includes extensive professional measurements made by SEAS in Moss, Norway, in collaboration with Fidelity. Here is the bottom line, all summed up by Fidelity's reviewer:

It has been really interesting to make a different approach to a loudspeaker review, carrying out more extensive measurements than usual. I am personally satisfied to find a close connection between what we measured and what we heard. Too often reviewers are blinded by measurements and "of course" they hear exactly what the measurements reveal in subsequent listening sessions. This is the reason why I decided to listen to the loudspeaker first and then make the measurements.

The Montana Mini Monitor is a successful design, which hints about the capabilities of the larger Montana speakers. Do not expect a lot of bass from a 5" driver, but it reproduces the lower frequencies with definition and tightness. The speaker is very open, true to the music and just as impressively dynamic as you probably will prefer.

This might be the right choice for those who like the sound of the larger Montana Loudspeakers, but who do not have the space and budget for them. The distribution concept makes the speaker cheaper than it would be otherwise. This is a reasonable and great sounding Mini!"