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            The Montana Monitor

Kevin's Comments,

The Monitor is an exceptional bookshelf speaker. It is like the Mini Monitor but has a larger tweeter, driver and cabinet. This makes it even more dynamic with superb bass. I have compared it to the best Paradigm, B&W and Kef monitors. They outperform them in every category and at a similar price. They sound natural and not a speaker. They can be ordered any many beautiful finishes and are built to last a lifetime. If you need a smaller space champion, with great imaging that disappears, this is it.
The best Value, World Class speakers available.

Montana Monitor

The Montana Monitor

Though they don’t look like full-fledged floor-standing speakers, PBN’s Monitor and Mini-Monitor can hold their own with the best of them. Both are a lot of audiophile speaker in a little box.

When serving up great musical pleasures the Monitor delivers an unexpected sense of presence. In total, it’s one heck of an affordable speaker. The Monitor has really wowed reviewers. One wrote: “Here we go again! Another ‘aha’ experience. These loudspeakers from PBN are simply phenomenal … not only because of the price. All I can say is BUY THEM!”

After listening to the Mini-Monitor’s amazing performance, another reviewer couldn’t resist taking it apart to see what made the speaker tick. His conclusion was quite simple: “It’s superbly engineered!”

“PBN is always about engineering – first and foremost,” says Peter Noerbaek. “Yes, we are meticulous about crafting our cabinets. But what good would the finest cabinet be if the audio quality didn’t measure up? With PBN you always get both!”

We also advise that you not overlook the possibilities of either speaker becoming the rear speakers in a 5.1 surround sound system. They perfectly mate with the larger floor standing models in PBN’s family of extraordinary speakers.


  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 18" x 12" x 13"
  • Weight: 35 lbs each
  • Finish: Custom order

Technical Features:

  • One 7” Vifa™ coated pulp cone mid-woofer with extremely smooth frequency response and one 1” Scan-Speak™ tweeter
  • Internal custom-made crossover
  • Choice of fine real-wood veneers or piano lacquer finish
  • Optional custom-made stand available

Despite its moderate size, the MONTANA Monitor is a true high-performance loudspeaker. In fact, its name is somewhat misleading, since this loudspeaker offers a performance normally associated with much bigger and more expensive loudspeakers.

The MONTANA Monitor has an amazing degree of dynamic impact, bass extension and the ability to paint a dramatically large and holographic sound panorama with outstanding imaging and resolution.

In a sense, the MONTANA Monitor is a compact version of the floor-standing and through many years Stereophile Recommended MONTANA SP3. 

Like any MONTANA loudspeaker, the MONTANA Monitor is a sound transducer that will give you an amazing sense of being present
where the music is performed. True craftmanship, hand assembled components, a rock solid cabinet, an extremely wide variety of finish options and a truly remarkable musical pleasure is what you get in one affordable package, i.e. the MONTANA Monitor.

For many audiophile music lovers, the MONTANA Monitor is a highly affordable entry into the universe of musical realism!

The MONTANA Mini Monitor achieved a rave Danish review in January 2007. The reviewer sums it all up like this:

"Here we go again! Yet another aha-experience. These loudspeakers from Montana are simply phenomenal, not only at the price. The sound stage reminds me of its big brother, the XPS. Such a sound stage reproduced by a small loudspeaker like the Monitor is simply fantastic. This is a rare bargain. Conclusion: What can I say? Buy them, buy them, BUY THEM! If you are looking for super musical monitor loudspeakers capable of reproducing the whole frequency range. I have rarely listened to a pair of loudspeakers that so amazingly makes you forget everything about size. Aha, size is not crucial! The sound stage is only one good reason why you should audition these loudspeakers. Get going!"