The Sound Station

   I Would like to express my thanks and amazement regarding your new speakers (The Sammys) and the PBN Audio EBSA1 Super Amps (you picked the right name).  Your older speaker designs and amps were already World Class at a fraction of the cost of Wilsons. The New Sammys raise the bar considerably, I feel sorry for the other guys after the Audio press hear these. 
   After replacing my  current preamp and amps there is not enough moons using the six moon scale to grade the improvements I have heard. I'm glad I started with the speakers first and then up graded amps and preamp later so I could appreciate the synergy of your whole system. Before I considered buying the sammys I had spoken with a major cable rep. He said there were many outstanding systems at the 2011 LV show but that yours was "MAGICAL". What a compliment especially from a guy who sells cables that cost more than your amps.

I'm sure if he would have been able to spend several months with the system as I have he would be amazed beyond words. Hopefully Srajan at six Moons will have the right words. He has incredible talent for putting desriptive wording on what he hears. My most recent pre- amp was the Esoteric C3 driving mono Parasounds JC1's.  They were not even close to your New SUPERAMP's driven by your PBN Audio L PREAMP! I believe Sarajan's refrence pre is the C3 Esoteric just like I previously owned. I've Enjoyed all my old systems which have included Pass, Threshold, Plinius, Sonic Frontiers, Parasound, Esoteric, dCS, PS Audio, and Single Ended Triode Tube amps. How on earth were you able to marry the best sound tubes have to offer with the best solid state provides??? It must be the best possible parts and the right topology with lots of critical listening. These amps are so fast and dynamic but still retain the magic of tubes in the mids. Are you using plutonium output devices? You're the Man. 

                             Sincerely, Dr. Jeff Ferrell