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            The Montana SP3

Kevin's Comments,

The Montana SP3 is a d'Apolito design floor standing speaker with true ability. I have put it up against many speakers twice the price and size and it wins hands down. It has a beautiful image, tall and wide stage. Much better depth than you would think. For it small footprint and size, it is dynamic and magical!


The best Value, World Class speakers available.

  The Montana SP3


Frequency Range:

35 - 30000 Hz +/- 3dB

Impedance: Nominal 6 Ohms

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Power Handling: 160 Watts

X-over Points: 2200 Hz

Finish: Custom Order

Size(HxWxD): 47"x 12"x 13"

Weight: 90 lbs each

 Montana Mini Monitor   $1,875
 Montana Monitor   $2,500
 Montana SPC   $2,750
 Montana SPC2   $2,750
 Montana SSW   $4,000
 Montana SP3   $4,000
 Montana SPI   $6,000
 Montana SPX2   $6,500
 Montana EPS2  $10,000
 Montana EPX  $12,500
 Montana Liberty "new"  $14,750
 Montana XPS  $23,000
 Montana XPS-SIG  $28,750
 Montana KAS  $27,500
 Montana Sammy "new"
 Montana KAS2  $37,000
 Montana WAS  $55,000
 Montana Master Reference  $85,000