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            The Montana SPI 

Kevin's Comments,

The Montana SPI is an newer design that keeps the size small and still delivers a great performance. They sound life like and not a speaker box. They can be ordered in many beautiful finishes and are built to last a lifetime. If you are looking to out perform your standard floor monitor speaker in a mid size footprint, you should come in and listen to these.

The best Value, World Class speakers available.



The MONTANA SPI is developed and manufactured in the USA utilizing the finest components and materials available. It is capable of reproducing music with astonishing realism, resolution, dynamic impact, speed and nuance. Despite of its interior-friendly design and forgiving physical size, the SPI is a true high-performance sound transducer. Due to the extremely cost-efficient distribution concept of High-End, the SPI is a highly affordable entry into seductive musical realism, which is exactly what so many music lovers are seeking. Those who share our passion for music and realistic sound reproduction, should definitely experience the MONTANA SPI.

The MONTANA SPI is nothing but an extraordinarily precise, efficient, rapid and responsive high-end loudspeaker. That is why it will not only appeal to those who desire the distinct and utterly natural sound reproduction offered by the best solid state amplifier designs on the market, but will also be the perfect choice for those who love the pleasant and seductive sound of high-quality tube amplifiers.

The best approach to achieving desired musical satisfaction, is to purchase in an extremely transparent, precise and natural sounding loudspeaker and then feed the speaker with any sonic character that the associated electronics provides.

Considered “the universal speaker” by critics, the SPI fears no venue and no challenge. Whether it’s a small or medium-sized setting, whether you’re listening to a serious philharmonic presentation, an intimate jazz trio, or whether you’re enjoying your home theater, the SPI Speaker delivers a lot of audio presence in a small package.

Bi-wiring is strongly recommended in order to bring out the full potensial of this high-end loudspeaker. Interference between the cross-over sections will then be reduced to an absolute minimum.

 Montana Mini Monitor  $1,875
 Montana Monitor  $2,500
 Montana SPC  $2,750
 Montana SPC2  $2,750
 Montana SSW  $4,000
 Montana SP3  $4,000
 Montana SPI  $6,000
 Montana SPX2   $6,500
 Montana EPS2  $10,000
 Montana EPX  $12,500
 Montana Liberty "new"  $14,750
 Montana XPS  $23,000
 Montana XPS-SIG  $28,750
 Montana KAS  $27,500
 Montana Sammy "new"
 Montana KAS2  $37,000
 Montana WAS  $55,000
 Montana Master Reference  $85,000

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 41" x 13" x 14"
  • Frequency Range: 30 Hz to 30 kHz +/- 1.5 db
  • Efficiency: 89 dB
  • Crossover points: 300 Hz and 3500 Hz
  • Crossover roll of: 24dB/Octave Acoustical
  • Nominal Impedance: 5 Ohms
  • Drivers: 1" tweeter, 4" mid-range, 2x7"
Technical Features:
  • Super flat frequency response +/- 1db from 40Hz to 30kH
  • Features two 7” long throw woofers
  • Comes complete with 24db per octave acoustical Linkwitz-Riley crossover slopes, plus six precision hand-wound inductors
  • One 4” glass fiber mid-range driver. This is the same exclusive driver used in our higher-end EPS and XPS series speakers
  • One 1” high efficiency, low distortion fabric dome tweeter

    The loudspeaker cabinet structure is the very fundamental of any dynamic loudspeaker design. PBN Audio will never render to any compromise as far as build quality is concerned, acknowledging that less costly designs will inevitably lead to sonic and musical degradation. A rock solid base on which the drivers are mounted is a necessity in order to achieve the ultra-precise sound stage without distortion that MONTANA Loudspeakers are so highly acclaimed for. The MONTANA SPI makes no exception. Its exceptionally high resistance against vibrations and resonances effectively eliminates colouration that less advanced cabinet designs are associated with. The cabinet parts are precision cut using the latest cutting-edge CNC router technology. In-house cabinet production is by far the safest way to meet the highest quality standards.

    This non-Cabinet made of ultra-dense Ranger Board™ with specially engineered internal chambers and baffles. Cabinet can be custom painted and/or veneered in exotic woods of the customer’s choice compromise approach to cabinet 
    design is demanding in terms of work and expenses. However, maximum precision and performance is the result.

For the following reasons, the MONTANA SPI features a hexagonal cabinet structure with thick cabinet walls and extensive internal bracing. Internal standing waves are effectively dealt with. The tweeter and the mid range drivers are mounted in closely matched, separate internal chambers, so that the drivers become physically isolated from each other and from the energy produced by the bass drivers. Hence, no audible degradation will ever occur due to interaction between the drivers. This technique creates optimum conditions for the drivers. No cabinet parts have the same resonance frequency.

In the same instant you get to hear the MONTANA SPI you will realize that extraordinary attention to quality has been put into this high performance loudspeaker. Precision, detail and musical fidelity are features that characterize the MONTANA SPI. The MONTANA SPI truly is an outstanding combination of advanced engineering and production methods, high-quality components and extreme attention to sonic features. Everything that can be done has been done to build an affordable loudspeaker that presents the music in an untouched manner.

The high-performance drivers are manufactured by the Norwegian manufacturer SEAS. SEAS is renowned as one of the world leading manufacturers of high-end audio loudspeaker drivers. Each driver is manufactured according to specifications and tight tolerances provided by PBN Audio. No standard drivers are used. 

The MONTANA SPI is equipped with 2 ea. 7" SEAS Custom bass drivers. These drivers offer tremendous speed, definition and attack, as well as more than reasonable bass extension. The MONTANA SPI will easily be perceived as a full-range loudspeaker by most audiophiles, providing the right fundament for reproducing a huge and realistic sound stage.

2 ea. 4" SEAS Custom drivers reproduce the critical mid range frequency spectrum, where any sonic aberrations from realistic sound will easily be perceived by the human ear. Sonic characteristics have determined the choice of this particular driver, which features a unique glass-fiber composite material.

This is a technically adapted variant of the same mid-range drivers utilized in the larger loudspeaker models EPS2 and XPS. The manufacturer has spared no expense choosing the optimum drivers for the MONTANA SPI. The low-mass membrane and the rigid motor structure ensures striking dynamics, nuances and natural clarity of voices and instruments, pleasantly perceived as in real life.

The 1" SEAS Custom mid-range driver was chosen for its outstanding resolution and dispersion characteristics, high efficiency end excellent transient capacity. The highest frequencies will always contribute to a credible perception of spaciousness, airiness and harmonic balance. The articulate way the MONTANA SPI reproduces the upper frequency register has a striking resemblance to music experienced in real life.

The 24 dB per octave cross-over section contains high-quality components only. The perfect transition between the frequency sections is a result of high competence and cutting-edge engineering. The MONTANA SPI truly reproduces an amazing sonic whole.