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            The Montana SPX2

Kevin's Comments,

The SPX2 is the next generation of the great of the SPX. It has a smaller overall cabinet than the SPX and has gone down one size in woofers to a 7". The tweeter is now the larger and sweeter 1" silk soft dome and the mid-range is improved the new 5". Overall it is a wonderfully open and detailed small floor standing speaker for a great price. They come in a variety of finishes and there is an exact match center called the SPCX2. 

The best Value, World Class speakers available.

The Montana SPX2

The SPX2 is a three-way, four-driver design built around a pair of Vifa long-throw 7" mid-bass drivers with doped paper cones. These drivers" ultra-low distortion, combined with a rigid vented cabinet, give the musical presentation astonishing low-bass clarity. The SPX is the first speaker in the Montana line to use a custom-made Scan Speak 5" mid-range driver. A Scan Speak/Montana tweeter handles the top octaves with grace and precision, lending musical performances a sense of air, space, and harmonic rightness unrivaled at this price point. The crossover contains custom-made metalized polypropylene capacitors. Frequency response is 30Hz - 22kHz +/- 3dB; sensitivity is 91dB; power handling is 200 watts continuous.


Frequency Range: 30 - 22000 Hz +/- 3dB
Impedance: Nominal 6 Ohms
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Power Handling: 180 Watts
X-over Points: 300/3000 Hz
Finish: Custom Order
Size(HxWxD): 48 Inches x 13 Inches x 14 Inches
Weight: 130 lbs each
 Montana Mini Monitor   $1,875
 Montana Monitor   $2,500
 Montana SPC   $2,750
 Montana SPC2   $2,750
 Montana SSW   $4,000
 Montana SP3   $4,000
 Montana SPI   $6,000
 Montana SPX2   $6,500
 Montana EPS2  $10,000
 Montana EPX  $12,500
 Montana Liberty "new"  $14,750
 Montana XPS  $23,000
 Montana XPS-SIG  $28,750
 Montana KAS  $27,500
 Montana Sammy "new"
 Montana KAS2  $37,000
 Montana WAS  $55,000
 Montana Master Reference  $85,000