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The Sound Station
601 SE Frank Phillips Blvd.
Bartlesville, OK 74003 USA

Established   1978


Emergency:    918-336-2241
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Hours:    By appointment

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Kevin's Comments:

PS Audio has been designing and manufacturing quality Hi-Fi products for some time now. This newest series has started from the ground up with clean power products and cables to a whole new series of great electronics. They bring a fresh and exiting new line of electronics to the market.

 PerfectWaveTransport  $2999.99                                

PS Audio’s ground breaking Perfect Wave Transport (PWT) Memory Player stands alone as the ultimate optical disc player ever made. Built from the ground up as a dedicated high-end CD and DVD audio transport, the PWT will read almost any optical disc and output near-perfect digital data to any D to A processor made. The PWT is designed to be the last optical disc player you will ever need. Future-proof and field upgradable, the PWT can read high resolution WAV files or standard resolution CD audio files directly and feed the perfected data to your DAC through standard AESEBU, SPDIF or PS Audio’s exclusive I2S through HDMI connection for unprecedented performance. Cover art, song titles, track times, sample rates and bit depth are all displayed on the beautiful color touch screen automatically for any inserted disc.

 The PerfectWave DAC  $2999.99  

will change the way you think about digital to analog converters forever. It accesses high-resolution digital audio data from multiple sources such as a CD transport, CD player, computer, network, or the Internet and converts the data to the most musically natural sounding analog audio ever produced. The PWD is the first high-end product to fully transcend the limitations of traditional digital to analog converters by providing uncompromising performance for any media delivery or storage system possible. This means that it no longer matters how the digital audio data is stored or delivered, the PWD produces the same high performance audio sent over a network, taken from a hard drive, a CD or even downloaded via the Internet. As a music server, the PWD can access and control any compatible network source such as a network hard drive (NAS), or stream music directly off the Internet.