The Sound Station

Placing the Montana Speakers

  The Montana speaker is relatively easy to position. We recommend at least 1 ½ feet from the back wall and at least 1 foot from the side wall. We recommend only a slight “toe-in”. However, because of the many different applications, we encourage you to try several placements before spiking the speaker. Please consult a trained Montana Dealer for the optimum placement options.  

It is of great importance that the left and right loudspeakers are angled to the exact same degree. To ensure this,  we recommend that you use a laser or a string, between the speakers as indicated in the diagram. We suggest that you start with the placement shown in Figure 1 and then do some listening. If you prefer a deeper sound stage with less width try opening or straightening the speaker positions like in figure 2. If you would like more stage width then try positioning the speaker more open like in figure 3. Move the speaker in small increments until you determine the right position for you Montana’s.

Once you have the correct placement, you need to place each speaker on its spike. It is of great importance that the speaker rests on the four spikes evenly. Use a level and rock the speaker gingerly to confirm that it is level and dead set.  Pivit off of the rear outside corners to adjust the toe in and out. This will keep them in position.

Now have fun and enjoy some great music!