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         Montana Loudspeakers


 Montana Mini Monitor   $2,200
 Montana 2M Monitor   $2,750
 Montana SPC   $2,750
 Montana SPC2   $2,750
 Montana SSW   $4,000
 Montana SP3   $4,000
 Montana SPI   $6,000
 Montana SPX2   $6,500
 Montana EPS2  $10,000
 Montana EPX  $12,500
 Montana Liberty "new"  $15,000
 Montana XPS  $23,000
 Montana XPS-SIG  $28,750
 Montana KAS  $27,500
 Montana Sammy "new"  $29,500
 Montana KAS3  $42,000
 Montana WAS3  $58,000
 Montana Master Reference  $85,000

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The New PBN Audio and Montana DOWNLOAD

If you are interested in more information about MONTANA Loudspeakers and PBN OLYMPIA Solid State Amplifiers, please download the full, updated PBN Audio Compendium 2009 by clicking on the picture:

Read about the different models of MONTANA Loudspeakers, including “The Super League of Speakers”, consisting of the three flagship loudspeaker models that bring new meaning to the concept of realistic music reproduction.

Vinyl enthusiasts will also find information about the all-new PBN Audio Groove Master Turntable and PBN Audio’s state-of-the-art phono stage.

Peter Noerbaek with the NEW Montana "The Sammy" loudspeaker at the 2010 CES Show.


The New deign of the "Sammy" speaker is a breakthrough in classic speaker cabinet design. The new construction utilizes many layers of alternating lobs precision cut by the CNC router. It's ultra solid construction and round anechoic design creates almost a perfect "no box loss" cabinet. The speaker has better sound in all catagories except overall volume than the famous, much larger KAS. It is smaller and would be perfect for someone interested in reference sound in a smaller package at $29,500 per pair.

 Montana Speakers

 Kevin's Comments:

What a great speaker! PBN Audio Montana Loudspeakers are the only line  of affordable Highend speakers that get it all right! They image beautifully with great stage width, height and depth. They hold vocals and instruments to their true size in a correct fixed space. They are very dynamic. You can play your artist to the correct volume of the recording and never feel fatigued. They are also very efficient and your power goes much farther. Their options on finishes create a stunning showpiece. Come in and Listen soon! 

The best Value, World Class speakers available.

At the Sound Station, we pride ourselves in having sold hundreds of Monatana speakers, new and traded in. We stock a large variety of models in many finishes and custom order exotics. There are many active displays for auditioning your systems next upgrade.

Montana loudspeakers, at all price points, have a similarity of sound and look that is far more than a family resemblance. The shared design elements such as massively reinforced non-parallel cabinet walls have been proven to contribute to a more realistic sound field. Each model in the PBN speaker line contains the best parts available; with extraordinary attention devoted to making them work together as a synergistic whole. The result is a seamless transparency and effortless dynamism that few other loudspeakers are capable of achieving. But it's the natural dynamics, in fact, that set all Montana loudspeakers apart from the competition.

Founded by loudspeaker designer Peter B. Noerbaek, PBN Audio is a high-performance audio technology company based in San Diego, California. Throughout the past decade, PBN products have won critical praise by reviewers from such prestigious publications as Stereophile, Bound for Sound, Fi, and The Audiophile Voice. PBN's Montana loudspeakers have twice attained Stereophile's coveted "Recommended Components" list.


Compared to the KAS The EPX has been a great smaller performer. The "SAMMY" takes this to a whole new level of accuracy!

 Inside the new Montana "SAMMY" Loudspeakers.





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